After 25 years of private practice at the Halifax Professional Centre, Bob & Anne now provide their expertise exclusively through secure video sessions and phone sessions serving ALL of Nova Scotia from Halifax.

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If Your Partner Is Reluctant


If your partner is not open to Couples Counselling at this time, you could begin the process by meeting with the counsellor of your choice.

Some people prefer a male counsellor, some people prefer a female counsellor, and some wish to start counselling as soon as possible and will schedule for the first open appointment available.

If you take the first step, your partner may then be willing to join in.

If Partner Still Not Joining in...

If your partner remains reluctant to enter into Couples Counselling, you could still improve the relationship by continuing with counselling.

Working with Bob or Anne, you can develop a better understanding of the relationship patterns and choose to make changes yourself.

Changes you make will lead to changes in your partner’s understanding and behavior. So both will be making changes. While there are no guarantees, relationships often improve when both make changes based on a more compassionate understanding.

Anne Mariner, MA, CCC, RCT, and Robert Mariner, MA, CCC, RCT provide experienced professional Phone & Secure Video Counselling and Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples and Families. For further information or to schedule a meeting: Phone 902.496.5656 email: Click Here